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Congratulations, you've written a book!

Now, what?
Whether you're published with a big commercial house, a boutique press, or doing it on your own independently . . .
You need to take control of your author business!

New Authors
It's never too early to begin building your reader base:
  • Turn website visitors into contacts  
  • Promote your books & author brand with professional-quality mailings  
  • Cultivate relationships with booksellers, readers groups, etc.  
  • Target review sites & blogs that may help promote your work  
  • Set up contests & giveaways that feed entrant data seamlessly into your database  
  • Give readers added incentive to frequent your website, with budget-conscious customized promotions  
  • And so much more!  
Multi-Published Authors
It's never too late to expand your brand's reach:
  • Import your existing contact data  
  • Organize an ARC mailing to your key bookseller & readers group contacts  
  • Promote a new release with a Virtual Signing at your website  
  • Encourage reader loyalty with exclusive-content newsletters & giveaways  
  • Notify your fan base of upcoming appearances & events in their area  
  • Host a book launch party, fan convention, or other event using a customized registration system fully integrated with your contact database  
  • And so much more!  
MyAuthorBiz was developed specifically for authors. This is not a book promotion service, but a set of tools created to assist authors in optimizing their branding and promotional efforts at any stage of their career. Powerful, professional results--without breaking the bank!

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MyAuthorBiz offers a powerful suite of services, tailored specifically to the needs of authors to assist in cultivating your reader base, building your author brand, and optimizing your promotional efforts.

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• Virtual signings
• and more...

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